Thursday, July 18, 2019

Some Great Ideas & Pieces of Advice on BDSM and Life in General

"Submission is the action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person. It is not a submissives place to say what he deserves, or dictate how, when and why a Mistress should punish him." - Miss Foxx

"Wear your BDSM gear to Pride. Wear your BDSM gear to Dinner. Wear your BDSM gear to Work. It is clothing, not fucking in front of someone." - AliceInBondageLand

"Getting in touch with a companion to tell her you want to meet her; without knowing when, where or for how long you want to meet her, is simply a waste of both your and her time!" - Bunny BBW

"It amazes me when people who champion words like non-binary, alternative and inclusive quickly drop those ideals when it comes to sex. Tops can enjoy bottoming, Doms can try subbing, mascs can go femme, straight can explore bi. A spectrum is far more than just one colour." - Master Wolfgang

"BDSM is a practice in mindfulness. The rhythms, the words, the trust, the sensations, the mood. It is a meditation on vulnerability. It is a sexy, dynamic, healing power. Let's try not to forget that." - Estelle Sinclair

"You don't have to be rude or aggressive to be Dominant. You don't have to be ruthless or mean. You can be a polite, friendly, kind Dominant without it making you less powerful. Dominance doesn't have to be a vicious display." - The Bitch Goddess Hel

"BDSM relationship dynamics must be built at the pace of the least comfortable or least experienced partner, regardless of their role." - Violet Fawkes

“When men imagine a female uprising, they imagine a world in which women rule men as men have ruled women.” - Sally Kempton

“You are not a feminist unless you are inclusive of sex workers. Fake feminists confuse human trafficking with sex work which is consensual.” - Zoë Ligon

"I had an online Domme that would give me tasks of doing nice things for my wife.  That was very cool." - ColoSubmissiveGuy

"Be the kind of submissive who respects & obeys women even when they aren't wearing sexy outfits." - AliceInBondageLand

"Financial Domination is the act of a sub giving cash to a Woman of their choosing and getting nothing in return." - Miss Foxx

A non-comprehensive list of questions NOT to ask a Dominatrix:

- Do you have a boyfriend?
- What do you REALLY do?
- How many clients do you see per day/week/month?
- Does your family know you do this?
- Can I take you out to dinner, just as friends?

Hand picked from Twitter by Printsess Lilian.

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