Thursday, July 18, 2019

Some Great Ideas & Pieces of Advice on BDSM and Life in General

"Submission is the action of accepting or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person. It is not a submissives place to say what he deserves, or dictate how, when and why a Mistress should punish him." - Miss Foxx

"Wear your BDSM gear to Pride. Wear your BDSM gear to Dinner. Wear your BDSM gear to Work. It is clothing, not fucking in front of someone." - AliceInBondageLand

"Getting in touch with a companion to tell her you want to meet her; without knowing when, where or for how long you want to meet her, is simply a waste of both your and her time!" - Bunny BBW

"It amazes me when people who champion words like non-binary, alternative and inclusive quickly drop those ideals when it comes to sex. Tops can enjoy bottoming, Doms can try subbing, mascs can go femme, straight can explore bi. A spectrum is far more than just one colour." - Master Wolfgang

"BDSM is a practice in mindfulness. The rhythms, the words, the trust, the sensations, the mood. It is a meditation on vulnerability. It is a sexy, dynamic, healing power. Let's try not to forget that." - Estelle Sinclair

"You don't have to be rude or aggressive to be Dominant. You don't have to be ruthless or mean. You can be a polite, friendly, kind Dominant without it making you less powerful. Dominance doesn't have to be a vicious display." - The Bitch Goddess Hel

"BDSM relationship dynamics must be built at the pace of the least comfortable or least experienced partner, regardless of their role." - Violet Fawkes

“When men imagine a female uprising, they imagine a world in which women rule men as men have ruled women.” - Sally Kempton

“You are not a feminist unless you are inclusive of sex workers. Fake feminists confuse human trafficking with sex work which is consensual.” - Zoë Ligon

"I had an online Domme that would give me tasks of doing nice things for my wife.  That was very cool." - ColoSubmissiveGuy

"Be the kind of submissive who respects & obeys women even when they aren't wearing sexy outfits." - AliceInBondageLand

"Financial Domination is the act of a sub giving cash to a Woman of their choosing and getting nothing in return." - Miss Foxx

A non-comprehensive list of questions NOT to ask a Dominatrix:

- Do you have a boyfriend?
- What do you REALLY do?
- How many clients do you see per day/week/month?
- Does your family know you do this?
- Can I take you out to dinner, just as friends?

Hand picked from Twitter by Printsess Lilian.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Orja kiri

Üks ori kirjutas Mulle täna:

"Tere õhtust, kaunis Printsess! ma ei saa enam midagi aru.... Kes Te olete? Kuidas Te seda teete? Kuidas Te seda oskate? Ja kuidas on võimalik, et keegi üldse nii ilus ja seksuaalne on ning veel selliste fantaasiatega.... Ja sellest teemast ei saa ma midagi aru, mis eriline side mul Teiega on... Uskumatu!!!"

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