Friday, March 23, 2018

Exhibition "Naamio, himo ja toiseus" ("Mask, Desire and Otherness") opened today in Helsinki

If you are in Helsinki or planning to visit the capital of Finland before April 21, 2018, you must visit the sound installation "Naamio, himo ja toiseus" ("Mask, Desire and Otherness") by Taina Riikonen at the Galerie Exclusif (Hämeentie 13 A, Helsinki).

About the exhibition:

A mask on a face hides and reveals at the same time. It hides the personal face, but it evokes something unknown to be explored. 

The use of mask has been studied in the diverse fields of anthropology, theology, theatre studies, sociology and psychology. In this sound work the use of mask is explored in the context of mask fetishism and sexual pleasure. 

The sounds include mask sounds (mainly latex masks and gas mask) and the stories that mask fetishists have written to Riikonen by her request at the bdsm&kinky&fetish community FetLife. In their stories the mask fetishists speak about how the mask changes their personality and about the pleasure they sense when wearing a mask. The central themes in the diverse stories seem to be desire, anonymity and otherness
The languages spoken in the sound work are Finnish and English.

"Mask, Desire and Otherness" sound work is a part of Riikonen’s larger project that combines the artistic research, sound art praxis and sensory ethnography. The explored themes in this project are fetishism, the boundaries between self and other, materiality, embodiment, and sensory epistemogy. 

Further information: Taina Riikonen, tel. +358 (0) 40 5834308

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