Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Domina Frankie’s Budapest trip Diary, May 2015

Day 1

I landed at Budapest Airport on May 13th. My slave was waiting for Me with a bunch of red roses at the arrivals, which is essentinal. After getting to the hotel, he knew what to to,- after I had ordered him to take off My boots and socks, he cleaned My tired feet & toes with his tongue on his knees. After having a short rest he took Me for some sightseeing, then we had dinner in a nice restaurant near my hotel, after which I sent him home.

Day 2

slave came to the hotel to pick Me up. We went to Gellért Spa, which can be found in the traditional old hotel by the river Danube. Great thermal bath with lovely steam bath, saunas and pools indoors and outdoors. After getting back to the hotel, I put my slave in chastity. Then we went off to a sexshop, where my slave bought me a nice pair of new fetish shoes. After that we went to have dinner at a ship at the river Danube.

Day 3

slave came to My hotel room in the morning and brought me a lovely vicious whip called „Bloody Ass”, made in OWK, and a Scottish Tawse as a present. Of course I had to try them on him, leaving nice whip mark on his ass. Then I orederd him to masturbate in front of Me on his knees. He had to cum in a glass and then swallow it all. After that we went up to the the castle disrict, to the Labirinth where Dracula was captured by King Mathias 1st in the 13th century. It’s a long labirinth with dungeons and prison cells underneath the old town of Buda, with the tomb of Duke Dracula. As there were no toilets downstairs and I had to pee, we went to a remote prison cell and I released all my juice in my slave’s mouth who obediently swallowed it all. He almost drowned, it was so much, haha… After that we had a nice lunch at the Hilton Hotel. Then we had some sightseeing before going to the Opera House to see Gounod’s Faust which was great.

Day 4

First we went to a sex shop where I ordered my slave to buy Me some new toys. Then we climbed up to Gellért hill to the Liberty Statue. Whilst going up,I challenged him in different ways. I wanted him to feel a bit like in a boot camp, so first I ordered him to run up quickly on a long stairway. He did it quite nicely, so of course it wasn’t enough for Me. I ordered him to climb up an ascent and get Me different flowers. He came back wit the flowers to satisfy Me but the poor bastard was sweating like hell, which I enjoyed very much. Now I could see that he was ready to do anything for me… good. After our day I sent him home because I wanted my private night at local clubs. I went to Capella Club where I had fun with a transvestite guy and a lesbian girl… it was great.

Day 5

slave came to my holel room and I had a session with him. I was dressed in my black leather overall so he got turned on already when I opened the door for him. I got him put my shoes on, then he had to clean them with his tounge. he got a harsh whipping with my new whip and tawse. he begged for mercy all the time which I liked very much. He ended up with nice whip marks on his ass and back… no mercy! After checking out of the hotel we went for the last sightseeing and then he took me to the airport… I can say I had a nice time in the beautiful capital of Hungary… slave did quite a nice job for Me… after all he just knew what his duties were… that’s it!

Domina Frankie

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