Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The mask that drives Printsess Lilian mad

Leather mask, handmade in Estonia.  Has only one 1 cm hole for breathing.
Closed with zipper from behind. A locked collar.

This is the mask that drives Printsess Lilian mad, as I got feedback from a masochist slave of Mine. Probably there is something about the anonymity of the mask - no face, no eyes, no features - that brings out the inner devil in Me. Or was it about the Lars von Trier's movie "Nymph()maniac" that I saw yesterday. Or the Rammstein music that I used as soundtrack for whipping. Or all of these things together. Anyway, the slave left with an especially red ass from Me today. Oh, and he was smiling happily.
Printsess Lilian

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