Tuesday, February 4, 2014

In Vienna with a slave

Vienna State Opera

Vienna is amazing, pure luxury and pleasure if you have a good slave to take care of you. And I am amazing, as I heard so many times from My slave. I knew that before, too, but anyway it is nice to be admired unconditionally.

So we arrived in Vienna airport on Friday morning – Me and Domina Frankie. My slave humbert had planned his trip so that he arrived an hour earlier in order to be of help carrying our suitcases into taxi etc. And there he was, happy slave waiting at an appropriate place - next to the door of the ladies’ toilet. The weekend was about to begin!

humbert had booked a double room at a beautiful hotel for Me and Domina Frankie. As the space between the bottom of the our bed and the floor turned out to be too small for the slave to sleep in, he got his bed in the armchair.

The first day passed quickly walking in the city (the slave carrying My bag), doing some shopping (the slave paying) and visiting a restaurant and the famous Vienna State Opera (where the slave fell asleep and got punished for that afterwards).

The second day started slowly with a bath and beakfast. What surprised Me was that in addition to coffee and juice they also served ice-cold prosecco for breakfast in that hotel!

In daytime we visited some museums which looked rather like stunning palaces. Vienna is a beautiful city. The strange thing when walking there is the historical dilemma. It is the capital of a small country Austria. Yet the historical buildings belong to an European empire that once ruled half of the Europe. Exactly hundred years ago Europe lived "belle epoque" when the world and life seemed so beautiful and peaceful. A hundred days later Franz Ferdinand, the heir of Austro-Hungarian throne, was murdered in Sarajevo and the World War broke.

My favourite piece of art from that day, painted in the 16th century by Hieronymus Bosch.

In the evening we visited the oldest BDSM club in Vienna, the SMart Cafe. And I can tell you that we liked the club and its owner Albert so much that we even spent half of the next day there. But now back to Saturday evening and the extreme party. When we arrived at 10 pm, the house was full of very friendly people (average age seemed to be 40+), sitting and standing around tables, all dressed up (or almost naked), drinking and smoking (it was allowed inside the room, fuu…), chatting and PLAYING in the back room which was very practically equipped for those games.
Albert in front of SMart Cafe

Domina Frankie soon found herself a new toy, a bald submissive man with multiple piercings / metal rings in strategic places. And I whipped My slave in the middle of the room, his hands attached up and legs spread wide. Then I shut the eyeholes of his leather mask and asked if he rememberd the address of our hotel. He did, lucky creature. He seemed too turned on and confused to remember his own name… And he begged Me not to leave him there alone. Of course I did not do that, I have a too good heart.

A chair with pikes.

My slave was not allowed to jerk off during our stay in Vienna. I just forced him to masturbate, and I masturbated in front of him, but did not allow him to cum until Monday morning in the tiny toilet of his airplane. As I heard later, it took him a couple of minutes, thinking ONLY OF ME.

Printsess Lilian


  1. A cooment from humbert:
    Have just seen your desription of our tour to Vienna and can only nood to all of it.
    You are just AMAZING.
    The trip were AMAZING too and I have never ever before had so good and special weekend with two dominant women (Princess Lilian and Domina Frankie) that knows how to control everything even pushing my thoughts to the place they want.
    And everytime Princess Lillian looks me directly into my eyes it is a little scaring because I am sure she can read all my minds and can use in the way she wants...
    Will always remember this event and hope to get the possibilities for more of the same kind in an exciting future....
    THANKS to my AMAZING and beautiful Princess...

  2. Dear Printsess Lilian,
    I am glad you enjoyed your stay in Vienna and I humbly apologize for not having replied to your e-mail regarding restaurant recommendations. There is no excuse for that and I will accept my just punishment next time I am in town.
    Kinky greetings,

  3. Perfect Trip for Perfect Ladies!

    ori rainer