Wednesday, July 31, 2013

VIDEO: Sound of Latex

Something for rubber fetishists... This is the sound latex makes when you touch it with hands..
It is the 2nd video shot in our BDSM Studio in Tallinn, Estonia:

Friday, July 26, 2013

Exhibition in Tallinn: BBW SIN

Today Domina Frankie, Princess Lilian and slut liisu visited an exhibition by the Estonian photographer Mats Õun at Gallery Metropol (Vana-Kalamaja Street 46, Tallinn, Estonia).

The small exhibition that fit into a 6 m2 room was entitled "BBW Sin" and depicted the beauty of big women. As the artist said in an interview, his aim is to rehabilitate voluptuous women.

Thumbs up! We are bored of barbie-doll-look-alikes, too.
If you wish to visit the exhibition, just knock on the door and this guy will open the door for you. Or some other artist living in the shabby, but definitely artistic building. There are no opening hours, the tiny gallery is "open, when not closed".
P.S. All chubby and submissive ladies are very welcome to apply to the position of a slave or a slut  in Domina Frankie's BDSM Studio in Tallinn, Estonia! I am waiting:
Printsess Lilian

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

VIDEO: uus dildo

Oleme alustanud videoproduktsiooniga!
Teie ees on esimene video, mis Domina Frankie BDSM Stuudios Tallinnas tehtud:

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Princess Lilian as a Nurse

Princess Lilian
 Tonight we had a small party and a photo session at the studio!
The topic of the shoot was "hairy".
Be patient, more photos are coming...
Photographer: Anna-Stina Treumund

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

FetLife - kinksterite ja fetishistide virtuaalne kodu

Kui sa veel ei tea, siis WWW.FETLIFE.COM on sotsiaalne võrgustik, mis mõeldud spetsiaalselt BDSM ja fetish community'le. See on nagu Facebook, aga loodud kinksteritelt kinksteritele.

FetLife'i rohkem kui 2 miljonit kasutajat on riputanud üles üle 11 miljoni temaatilise foto ja ligi 100 tuhat videot, lisaks toimuvad diskussioonid, jookseb info sündmuste kohta ja saab lugeda blogipostitusi. Kui see on midagi sulle, siis mine vaata ja registreeri end kasutajaks!